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Putting a Face on the New Demographic

Save Our Schools Rally and March
Washington, D.C.
July 30th, 2011

Introduction by Dr. Susana Ibarra Johnson:

It is my honor to present today, Dr. Angela Valenzuela. She is a professor and Associate Vice President at the University of Texas. She is also the director of the National Latino Education Research and Policy Project, or NLERAP.

Dr. Valenzuela’s work has led to the elimination of high-stakes testing for all third-grade students in the state of Texas. It is my pleasure to present Dr. Valenzuela. Let’s hear it for her!

Angela Valenzuela:
Gracias, Susana. Muy buenas tardes. Estoy aquí para compartir con ustedes unas palabras animadoras tocante a la importancia de esta movilización de maestros y maestras y madres y padres de las escuelas publicas. Muchas gracias!

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