In Memoriam: Theodore Sizer

Ted Sizer (1932-2009) was the Founder and Chair of the Coalition of Essential Schools, a network of reform-minded schools that spans the nation. He was University Professor Emeritus at Brown University and was Visiting Professor of Education at Harvard and Brandeis Universities. 

He taught in secondary schools in this country and Australia and was the Headmaster of Phillips Academy, Andover, during the 1970s and a founder and Acting co-Principal of the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School in Devens, Massachusetts in the 1990s.  He served as Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education from 1964-1972.  He was the author of many books about secondary education including the "Horace" series (Horace's Compromise; Horace's School; and Horace's Hope) and most recently Keeping School co-authored with Deborah Meier and Nancy Sizer and The Red Pencil: Convictions from Experience in Education.

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