Bridging Differences: What Works in Schools, Washington, DC

May 4, 2010


Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education
New York University

Deborah Meier, Senior Scholar & Adjunct Professor
Steinhardt School of Education 
New York University

James Comer, Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry
Yale Child Study Center & Associate Dean 
Yale School of Medicine

Doug Anthony, Director of School Leadership
Prince George's County Public Schools

 Moderated by Maya Rockeymoore, President and CEO
Global Policy Solutions

The ultimate purpose of learning is to teach children how to use their minds well. There are public schools across the country that are effective at helping students to develop fully their capacity to learn and think critically. What are the federal policies and pedagogical approaches that best support these schools? Which policy assumptions undermine effective learning in our schools? How can the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act rise above No Child Left Behind’s focus on preparing students for standardized tests? This session explores how federal policies can help or hinder the development of public schools that best prepare students for work, college, citizenship, and life.

See the presentations by Dr. James Comer, Deborah Meier, Diane Ravitch, and Doug Anthony on Vimeo.

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