Providing equitable educational experiences for America’s children has been an ongoing challenge for our nation. The following policies and policy proposals would, if applied to all public schools, move our nation to a more just public education system.

Letter to lawmakers overseeing ESEA reauthorization
by the House Tri-Caucus - Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, and Asian Pacific American Caucus, March 29, 2011

All Children Deserve the Opportunity to Learn
by Forum on Educational Accountability, February 2011

Review of Closing the Racial Achievement Gap
Review by Madhabi Chatterji, Teachers College, Columbia University, November 2010
National Education Policy Center

The Opportunity to Learn Agenda: Building Strong and Fair Public Schools Across America
by The Forum for Education and Democracy, 2009

Housing Policy is School Policy: Economically Integrative Housing Promotes Academic Success in Montgomery County, Maryland
by Heather Schwartz, October 2010
The Century Foundation

Public Education: Stop the Attacks and Fund Quality Education for All
by UE Union, 2010

High Schools for Equity: Policy Supports for Students Learning in Communities of Color
by School Redesign Network in collaboration with Justice Matters, 2007